Make Sure Your Car Is Drivable in Overland Park, KS

Make Sure Your Car Is Drivable in Overland Park, KS

We provide engine diagnostics to discover the auto repairs you require

Is your check engine light on? Is your vehicle stalling or not running like it should be? Whether your problem is a loose gas cap or a necessary engine repair, you want a reliable mechanic to find the issue and fix it. Blue Valley Garage offers engine diagnostics to determine the cause of your problem so you can safely return to the road. Our experienced technicians will ensure your car is drivable by testing your engine components and meeting the manufacturer’s specifications. Visit Blue Valley Garage today for the auto repairs you require in Overland Park, KS.

We can get most cars reprogrammed

There are thousands of engine and performance codes in your vehicle. When something isn’t running right, you need a reliable auto repair shop to figure out what’s happening and fix it correctly. We provide:

  • A road test of your vehicle
  • A visual inspection of the engine compartment
  • A test of pressures and fluids
  • An answer for the cause of your problems
  • An estimate for the repairs
Call 913-681-3111 today to schedule a time to get your car looked at by professionals.